Your work is very good. I work in San Fransisco and Napa Valley USA mostly but, I like to see the work going on in other parts of the world. When I can’t get free to travel, I use the computer to plan the next place to go to see construction projects and work on other jobs with different people. For now, keep up the good work and it’s very nice to see what you do in Sri Lanka.

Tyson Seiger (from USA)
t. seiger designs

Thanks to Nuwan and his team for the work done even while I was not there to inspect their work. It was done by a sketch and trusted them in the work and final results were excellent at my residence in Mount Lavinia. So, would like to recomend them to anyone as the work is so good and also the price. Good luck to your company and look forward in giving you more work in the future. So, once again to your excellent team work, thanks. The job is well done.

Cedric Bartholomeusz
(from Australia)